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the birds sing to God while flying with beauty and utter grace

they never compete with each other, for they understand the  challenges they must face

always having a place to land, they have no worries for they are in God’s hands

they soar to the God’s purposes, never questioning and wondering why

they trust in their creator, for they know they will be guided

so, if you’re wondering why the birds sing, it’s  because they trust God and praise for everything

for just like a bird, we must sing too….

we must sing ang give God praise, for to God honor is due..


There is a sound although not audible to the natural ear

The sound is only accesible to the heart that is sincere

A heart sincere with compassion, happiness, goodness, joy, peace and love that abounds

Is the heart that can attest, oh yes, that’s clearly, there is a sound

There is a sound pouring blessing and miracles divinely fashioned from  God above

There is a sound available to all those who are willing to receive and share God’s love

There is a sound although some may not agree

The sound grows nearer to all that will listen to God with sincere hearts and believe

Yes,.there is a sound

by James Hayes Jr.